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Will Medication Ruin my Marriage?

It can be difficult being married to a person who is overwhelmed by a psychiatric condition.  A marriage with a strong foundation should be able to survive the challenges. Going to a psychiatrist and taking prescribed medications are not supposed to ruin a marriage. In fact, these are proactive actions that can help save the marriage.


Improving Functionality with the Right Medications

Medications can tremendously help in relieving the symptoms of psychiatric disorders. With the right medications, the spouse with the disorder may experience optimal functionality  to relieve the symptoms that put strain on the marital relationship.

There are, however, side effects and adherence to prescription that both the patient and the family, particularly the spouse, must understand. If the healthy spouse fully comprehends the side effects and the value of complying with the prescription of the psychotropic medicines, one can better support the affected spouse.


Be an Active and Informed “Caregiver”

Knowing the side effects means the healthy spouse can support the affected spouse better. If the medication causes side effects such as memory impairment, sexual dysfunction, discomforts, drowsiness, etc., then the caregiver spouse can extend understanding to what the other half is experiencing. Being actively involved in the treatment process, the adherence to the prescription,  the marriage itself stands a higher chance of being improved.

To be an informed partner, you and/or your spouse can request the attending psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner discuss these details with the spouse.  (As long as the patient gives consent, these details can be discussed with the spouse.  This is usually done during the regular med-check session with the patient.)


The Chain Reaction

If there is one thing that the couple in this kind of situation must understand is that not seeking treatment or not taking medications when needed can contribute to a marriage falling apart. There are many possibilities and ordeals that couples will face when a psychiatric disorder takes a downward spiral. One is losing a job or source of income that adds pressure to the healthy spouse to earn double while taking care of a sick spouse and the dependent children. Mounting expenses and responsibilities are hard to meet and sustain. These can cause a marriage to be splintered. Not getting the proper medication or seeking treatment to feel better often makes matters even worse.


Be Empowered at Being Well Psychiatry

If you or your spouse is faced with this kind of challenge, seek professional help so the affected spouse will get better. Don’t be deterred by the thought that the medication can be the reason for your marriage to be ruined. Visit Living Well Psychiatry in Fayetteville, NC on Raeford Road so we can help you and your spouse to better understand your options and how medications work. Be empowered with the knowledge that we are willing to share with you.