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Is it true that medication can help if I am “hearing things”?

Will the use of medication help if you are “hearing things”?   YES, medication can help stop many kinds of noises/voices that you hear if they are the result of certain causes.

There are certain psychiatric conditions that make it hard to tell apart what is real and what isn’t. People with any of these conditions may have difficulty thinking coherently, managing their emotions, interacting with others, and functioning or behaving normally. Numerous studies show that medication is the most effective way to stabilize people struggling with this symptom.


Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

Hearing voices is a symptom that falls under “hallucinations.” Until recently, it has always been thought to be a symptom of a mental condition. These days, there is another school of thought that considers certain experiences of hearing voices as a common experience of the general population with a sound mind.

For this symptom to be considered an indication of a mental condition other symptoms must be observed as well – delusions, disorganized behavior, disorganized speech and other negative symptoms (lack of enthusiasm, interest and emotional expression, and incoherent speech). Note that the patterns and severity vary from individual to individual.


The Outlook: Treatments and Medications

The use of medications is generally relied upon to provide stability to individuals diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, allowing the administration of other interventions to better manage the condition. The most prescribed medications of choice for these maladies are antipsychotics, affecting the levels of the two brain neurotransmitters, namely serotonin and dopamine.

After starting your new medication,be patient; often it can take several weeks before the improvements are felt or become visible.


Psychiatric Help When “Hearing Things”

Medications are the critical keystone in the management of certain psychiatric conditions, including its symptoms, such as “hallucinations.” These medications are prescribed based on the results of comprehensive diagnostic assessments administered by proficient psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioners.


Medications are useful to stabilize symptoms and increase one’s ability to optimize functioning, so that other interventions can be administered. If you are starting to “hear things,” seeking help from the right experts can make a tremendous difference. You’ll feel better if you can get this help from Living Well Psychiatry in Fayetteville, NC on Raeford Road, an ally you can trust to be there with you in your long journey to recovery.