Make Psychotropic Medications INCREASE Your Ability to Function

Not fully comprehending how psychotropic medications work can give you or your caregivers some apprehension. What if it doesn’t work as it should? What common side effects can you expect from these medications? What can you do to avoid these adverse effects or make the psychotropic medications help you achieve optimal functioning?


How Psychotropic Drugs Work

Psychotropic medications have made the lives of many people with psychiatric conditions better. They are formulated to help people with disabling symptoms to function well to do basic things that normal people do every day. Whether you are experiencing mild or severe signs and symptoms, achieving the optimal functioning is important. The stability can allow them to go through other treatments such as talk therapy that can enhance and support medications.  The manifestations for certain cases, such as depression, may dissipate after a few months of medication. Those who struggle with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, however, may need to take a psychotropic for a long time.


Effects and Reactions May Be Unpredictable

These medicines have different effects on people. There are those who feel much better after a few weeks or few months of treatment, and there are also severe or major disorders that take a longer time to treat. Some patients may also manifest adverse effects, even when the drug is in small doses.  While these medications are formulated to increase the ability to function, wrong dosage, not taking the medications at the correct time and drug interactions can render them ineffective, and may even cause side effects.


Non-adherence and Side Effects

All medicines can potentially cause adverse reactions effects, particularly when the prescription is not followed “to the letter” (non-adherence) – the right dose taken at the correct time. These may also be caused by drug interactions, if the patient is simultaneously taking other medicines. These can be manifested early in the treatment, as the body adjusts to the drug. When the side effects become severe, unnecessarily prolonged, or it reduces your ability to function than increase it, it is necessary to see the prescriber right away. Do not attempt to make the adjustments yourself or to change its dosage.


Avoiding the Pitfall

In many psychiatric cases, psychotropic medications have served many useful purposes. They have been widely used and many came to enjoy a normal life because of them. It is important to be cognizant, however, that such benefits can be enjoyed when these medicines work in the ways they should. These happen when the prescriptions are complied with diligantly.

You can avoid the drawbacks by working with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse to monitor and manage your medication. Call us at Living Well Psychiatry in Fayetteville, NC on Raeford Road and we will be happy to work with you on your medication, your dosage and getting you back to functioning again!
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