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Can I keep my job if I take medication for anxiety?

Doing work is an important element of living. Not being able to hold a job can cause you financial problems. More than that, it can also contribute to your decrease in self-esteem. If you have an anxiety disorder, you may have difficulty holding down a job. If you wish to recover from this condition, you may need to seek psychiatric help so you may be prescribed a psychotropic medication.

Taking the right medication should be able help you achieve optimal functionality to perform your work and hold down a job. There may be side effects that may make things difficult for you, which is why you have to stick to your prescription.


Anxiety Symptoms to Watch Out For

The things that can make it hard to keep a job are the symptoms or manifestations of the condition.  According to the American Psychiatric Association, the symptoms that make performing a typical job extremely challenging include “dry mouth, lump in throat, trembling, sweating, and racing or pounding heart.” People affected with extreme anxiety are also described as having “unrealistic or excessive worry, exaggerated startled reactions, sleep disturbances, nervousness and fatigue.”

These indications may translate into difficulty focusing or performing the tasks with fellow workers and/or customers in the workplace. Not being able to focus may even lead to accidents for those involved with operating machines.


What to Watch Out for with Psychotropic Medications

 Psychotropic medications  play a vital role in relieving the signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders. By attaining optimal functioning you can perform your work-related tasks. This means that medications can help you hold down a job. Know, however, that these medications may come with side effects that can similarly make working hard.

For instance, benzodiazepines or tranquilizers are most effective when you need a quick-acting medication to manage a panic or phobic attack. But it is known to cause lethargy and drowsiness, slow reflexes, disorientation, blurry vision, as well as lightheadedness. All these suggest that you can’t take it in the morning or before work. On the contrary, there are medications that can cause you insomnia or difficulty to sleep or stay asleep at night; these are best taken in the morning.


Hold Down Your Job with Being Well Psychiatry

If you want to make the medication work well for you, it is necessary to understand that taking the right medications at the right dosage and correct time can help you hold down a job. We at Living Well Psychiatry in Fayetteville, NC on Raeford Road try to ensure that the right medication is prescribed and that you comprehend the importance of adhering to the prescription. This way you can take your medications at the right time of the day for optimal functionality and so you can both keep and enjoy your job. Call today!